20 September 2021

DSA client wins 2021 AIA Honor Award for Patron of the Year

D|SA client wins 2021 AIA Honor Award for Patron of the Profession. Stahlman Hospitality Group is the developer of Lily Hall.

Lily Hall is a mixed-use historic preservation and renovation development in historic downtown Pensacola. The project transforms an abandoned church built in the early 30’s into an exciting new boutique lodging house, restaurant and speakeasy. The boarding house of Lily Hall will be Pensacola’s first Airbnb lodging house, taking inspiration from its historical roots, neighborhood and unique architectural features. The development builds upon the revitalization of the vibrant Old East Hill neighborhood that has occurred over the past decade.

The dormant building has been reviewed and overlooked by a large number of potential developers over the last many years. Yet, the Stahlman group brings bold vision and commitment to invest what was required to ensure a lasting, transformative development would come forth. Pensacola is fortunate to have Nashville developers like the Stahlman Group bring forth bold development with a deep respect for history, neighborhood and lasting architecture.

Lily Hall
Boutique Lodging House in Pensacola, FL